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The end of the year / 今年度が終わります

 So, another year is coming to an end. I can't believe that we are going to start a new school year in a few weeks. This year has been really fun. We had great play days - everyone played dodgeball so well. I think it's a really scary sport and I really don't want to try it, but it's fun to see the students be brave.


 School Festival was a lot of fun. I saw a lot of great classroom displays. I watched so many fantastic performances. Our foreign exchange students made wonderful presentations. I learned a lot about different topics and about my students. It was great.
学園祭はとても楽しかったです。私は多くの 素敵なクラス展示を見ました。多くの素晴らしいパフォーマンスを見ました。留学生は素晴らしいプレゼンをしていました。私はそれぞれの話題について、そして生徒について学びました。それは良かったです。

 Christmas worship was really beautiful. The different events were so moving. I love the handbells - it's always so elegant. The 7th grade pageant was also fantastic. Everyone did their best and had fun.

 Soon, we will have our graduation ceremonies. I'm excited for the older students taking the next step in their life. They will come back to visit so I'm looking forward to seeing how they do in their new life.

Thank you to everyone for a really fun school year. Let's hope next year is just as good!
皆さんとても楽しい学校生活をありがとうございました。来年度が良い年になることを望みましょう!   Translated by M.S 中3

 担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

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lang_blog20160216005  私はAFSと いう機関を通して、アメリカのニューヨーク州に約一年間留学しました。

 私の時間割は このような感じでした。(英語、美術、米国史、昼食、Acting、マネジメント/ビジネス、スペイン語、体育)日本のように生 徒はクラスにずっといて先生が教室に来るのではなく、生徒が先生の部屋をまわるというシステムです。授業の選択も、必修の科目もありますが、それ以外はすごく自由で、日本にはないユニークな科目がたくさんありました。例えば、私が取っていたActingというクラスでは、演技をしたり、人前でスピーチをしたりしました。

 また、アメリカの授業の特徴は、日本でよく見られる受け身の授業ではなく、生徒が積極的に授業で発言したりディベートに参加するという所で す。米国史の授業で第二次世界大戦について習っていて、神風特攻隊や原爆についての話をしていた時がありました。私は一人の日本人として、アメリカが原爆を落としたこと を日本ではどのように教えているのか、私はどう思うのかを聞かれ、私もまたアメリカ人のクラスメートの意見を聞く事ができた貴重な経験でした。

World Friends

Zarah さんにインタビュー
2018年度 AFS長期留学生
Zarah Sobania(高2) / Sinéad O’ Connor (英語科)


O’Connor: Please introduce yourself.
Zarah: My name is Zarah Sobania and I’m from Germany. I live in Berlin and I’m 16 years old.

O’C: What is Berlin famous for?
Zarah: It’s famous for the Berlin Wall, of course. Also, between East and West Berlin there is a gate called the Brandenberg Gate. Berlin is famous for that - if you see postcards you’ll often see that.

O’C: Why did you decide to come to Japan?
Zarah: Because I thought, and I still think, it’s amazing. I’ve wanted to come to Japan since I was 12 years old.

O’C: What culture did you know or like before you came here?
Zarah: I guess, Japanese culture like temples or shrines. I like the traditional culture. I also like manga but I wouldn’t say that’s my reason. I also did kendo in Germany so my sensei and sempai always talked about Japan so I’ve wanted to go since then.

O’C: What do you like about Japanese culture now?
Zarah: The food. I love everything!! Osechi was really good - I liked the datemaki and the kamaboko. Also sushi and tempura. It’s so good.

O’C: Did you experience any culture shock?
Zarah: A lot, actually. Schools are completely different. Like, the girls here say boys are kowai. I was thinking “huh? human janai?” I guess that was the biggest culture shock.

O’C: What was your favourite event here at school?
Zarah: Maybe the chorus contest. We practiced a lot - after school, lunch time and that. But the day of the performance was just beautiful. I forgot the name but it was a Japanese sone and was so nice The chuyasai was so good too. Everyone was so happy any had fun it was nice to see everyone having fun

O’C: What did you like about daily life here at school?
Zarah: Lunch time - because that’s time with friends because we talked about so much. I always ate with friends in my classroom.

O’C: How did you make friends?
Zarah: I don’t know, I guess I just talked with them. When we walked to reihai we talked and the girl I sit next to in reihai she’s now my best friend. We have a lot on common so it’s good.

O’C: Was if difficult to be an exchange student?
Zarah: If you don’t like something you cat just go back home because home is so far. You have to gaman.

O’C: How did you get so good at Japanese?
Zarah: Just talking a lot. Yeah, that’s the only reason. I didn’t really study much.

O’C: Do you have a favourite word or phrase?
Zarah: Hmm…I don’t know. Maybeこころ- it sounds cute.

O’C: What did you learn about yourself while being on exchange?
Zarah: I got to know some sides of myself I didn’t know. I found that I can change.

O’C: Do you have a message for the students here at FGS?
Zarah: Go your own way! That’s what I would say!